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What is the Cherry Pie Strain?

June 29, 2020

People with sweet-tooth and enjoy using weed, they will love the Cherry Pie Strain. It has a moderate and strong THC volume that depends on the cut you used. You will expect some punches too when taken to the THC level properly. The weed is a combination of scent and fragrance straight from baked goods in the kitchen with a mouth-watering flavor of cherry—the best treat you can have for all your senses.

Those in the Cannabis industry and experienced users surely have an idea of how Cherry Pie ever tasted and pleasantly smelled. Yes, it hasn't won a lot of awards, but it was recognized and received the 3rd place finish during the High Time Cannabis Cup in 2014. If you are a fan of baked cherry pie goodies, you'll be excited to try this sensational strain as well.

As defined, the weed is strongly an Indica dominant hybrid cherry pie (80%), which is a product of Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison. The strain is indeed a combination of both rockstar parents. It is a top-shelf quality, and you will not be disappointed in buying it, especially from the right sources.

Aside from giving users the pleasantly sweet and a sour flavor, it also has a concentration of high terpenes. It includes Myrcene, which is considered the most abundant one, Linalool also, Limonene, Beta-caryophyllene, and Alpha-pinene. It is said to have originated in the state of California and gained a lot of feedback to be a massive hit.

Cherry Pie Strain Characteristics

The flowers of Cherry Pie are often small in size, but there are medium ones as well. The characteristic and bud structure is like those predominantly Indica strains. The Leafly cherry pie is tightly curled and densely grouped in mossy green colors. They are perfectly threaded through with intense orange hairs colored pistils. Though some phenotypes of it have purple flashes on their leaves, this is because of the high concentration pigmentation on the plant's different genes. It shows only during a cold temperature while in the growth process. Overall it's a colorful bud you can see that is translucent in its white trichomes, which gives it a silver-shiny texture.

When compared to its parent's genetics, the nugs of Cherry Pie are much denser compared to the Durban Poison. The shape of the weed is not as those with Grand Daddy Purple. But it's a good quality strain like its parents. You will never experience a crumbling danger in your hands while holding it. The overall look of the plant is derived from Durban's genes because you mostly see the color orange hairs and forestry green leaves, which can be associated with the characteristics of Durban too.

In terms of smell, you won't get surprised because it came from its name itself. It tastes and smells like a freshly baked pie with cherry flavor on it. It fills the room with a gorgeous tangy aroma, combining all flavors of cherries or blueberries, plus earthy spices. If you also tasted strawberry cough strain, the berry flavor comes out like this one of Cherry Pie too.

Users who smoke the Cherry Pie are often stunned with its piney taste too, which can be tasted from its first toke. But eventually, the cherry pie sweetness comes along and gives out a very delectable smoke with cherry flavor that remains on the user's tongue. If you're a beginner, you'll experience the cough because of the spicy taste, but overall, it's less pie and more cherry to taste on it.

Cherry Pie can help take away all the stress you're feeling, but it is not recommended to cure insomnia. It's worth considering though with anxiety and stress-related symptoms. It can elevate a mood, which became the reason why it was also recommended to people who are suffering from depression.

It is considered the most potent among all strains and is often prescribed for people in treating migraines, muscle pain, nerve pain, headaches, and even PMS. But there are other strains aside from cherry pie marijuana that also provide the same health benefits like the purple haze strain and sherbet strain. It can increase your appetite also. Therefore if you are having a low appetite or any other illness associated with it, then this medical marijuana or marijuana strain is a must-try too.


Is cherry pie a Sativa or Indica?

The Cherry Pie strain is also called Cherry Kush strain and a well-known potent Indica leaning hybrid cherry. It's a cross between strong Sativa Durban Poison and relish-packed Indica GDP or Grand Daddy Purple. This is the reason why Cherry Pie offers the best of the best because it came from good parent strains, which both have the best characteristics in the cannabis industry. The high content is balanced but mind-expanding as well, which you can enjoy.

The strain's functionality, together with its fruity taste and tart flavor, made its popularity gone widespread in the whole world. According to Cannabis Lab Testing Analytical 360, the Cherry Pie, founded with a high consistency level of THC result, took an average of 20%.

Is cherry pie a good strain?

The weed consists of a high THC level, which is able to induce happiness, euphoria, and energy. If you are working on one project, this should be taken since it can improve one's creativity brought by the THC level effects. Plus, you are going to enjoy the sweet cherry pie taste and the delectable tart's flavor in it.

Cherry Pie is considered one of the many parents' genetics of the other good weeds people are enjoying today, including cherry bomb strain and cherry berry strain. Just like its parents, it's one of the sweetest strains as well that gives out an unexplainable sensation to the user.

How do you strain a cherry pie?

It can grow from a small to medium-sized weed plant, and it prefers to grow indoors. It can yield an estimated size of 16 ounces every sqm of the sticky and dense light green buds. Flowering time takes around 8 - 9 weeks.

If you choose to plant it outdoors, growers must keep it in a warm setting with many lights or sunshine that must be taken by the plant too. It's anti-pests and molds too, so technically, it's an easy plant to grow and harvest. It can be yielded for about 14 ounces, and when it grows, you will already smell the sweet sensation from it. Flowering time will be expected around October and ready for harvest too!

Today, growers can also cross Cherry pie weed to another delicious zkittlez strain. You will love to taste the product of the two, which is intoxicating and has a candy-cherry aroma flavor.

What strain is dank Vapes cherry pie?

Dank vapes are pretty amazing in producing cartridges with different strains of flavors. There's a lot of recommendations about this product, including the production of Dank Vape cherry pie flavors. From the distillation to the oil itself, it is made of quality. The flavors are exceedingly excellent, and you will greatly taste the flavor as what the packages stated. Without any doubt, the Dank Vapes with Cherry pie flavor is the smoothest one. It can provide effortless hits to the user with a well-balanced high level for body and mind while enjoying the taste of cherry.

Other strains flavors included in Dank Vapes cartridges are Mimosa, Fruity Pebbles, and Grand Daddy Purple, which is a very good strain too that you can cross with other popular weeds like a critical mass strain that has amazing flavor and color too.


For a long period, Cherry Pie Strain was recognized as a kept-secret among weed or strain users on the West Coast of America. California travelers then soon uncovered this exceptional strain and started bringing it to the other U.S. States after considering the positive effects on the user. Yes, it is one of the strongest in the market, but you must not neglect the potency of the strain too.

Many users profess that they feel the euphoric aura and energy of the weed. It doesn't give their body the kind of high everyone expects from it. It's just a moderate highness that provides benefits too.

While it manages a high potency, it also leaves the user to function securely without negative effects like having a dry mouth from these well-balanced hybrids. It provides enjoyment to the user, especially when taken with friends. Overall, the strain perfectly brings an uplifted and energetic high spirit.

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