When will Canada allow growing your own cannabis?

Cannabis in Canada

Anything more challenging and fun than growing your own pot and see them thrive and bud? Shopping at a local store with countless of pots that you would even get confused while rolling your eyes on the menu or asked for a friend to provide you with some based on their own preferences and experiences? Nah. Nothing can beat the experience of learning and also gaining of growing your own. Growers to several countries especially in Canada now got the freedom of choosing the best choice for themselves thriving into their hobbies and cravings. After Canada legalizes cannabis, federal law C-45 authorizes individuals aged 18 and older to cultivate as many as four cannabis plants in their own home.

The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) was announced last August 11, 2016, legalizing the home-growing, production and cultivation of cannabis in Canada for medical purposes, however, Manitoba and Quebec governments opposed to the said bill and even pushing for the right to ban cannabis cultivation especially on rental properties.

ACMPR allows those with health care practitioner authorizations, comprising the maximum cannabis plant, marijuana storage, and pot possession limit, to become registered with Health Canada and is pursuing to keep the restriction of growing and using cannabis plants only for their own medical purposes and nothing more.

One may even practice selfishness as the amendment doesn't recognize the sharing or providing cannabis to someone else even friends as legal as political views foreseen this as a threat, making it as a reason to abuse the proposed bill. However, you may charge someone to legally grow your medical cannabis for you.  And to stay in line with the permit you have applied for, the grower must abolish any excess amounts, which could be a pretty waste right?

It is illegal for an individual to sell cannabis to another unless he/she obtained a license to be a retailer and anyone who'll be caught with the said violation will face penalties up to $5,000 or up to 14 years in jail. There are different types of licenses that embrace a different set of limitations and controls within the country, so you don't have to worry for what you want to be, either a plain consumer or a supplier, for there is a corresponding permit that will perfectly fit just fine for you.

Taking a piece from the Federal Bill C-45, the proposed law would allow cannabis cultivation within a "dwelling-house," including "any land that is subjacent to it and the immediately contiguous land that is attributable to it, including a yard, garden or any similar land." which means that outdoor cannabis growing will be legal considering it's in the vicinity of the grower's residential property and which totally retains the order for recreational home growers.

Establishing the freedom for growing your own cannabis plants doesn't give you the complete control of the plants as most growers especially beginners are at a great risk of this common mistake, when they're about to change living places or planting spots and tends to transfer their plants while they're flowering. One might think or see this as a great step of protecting your buds from getting damaged or ruining the growth progress, but in a public space, a restriction is hereby administered to protect the environment and the people around it especially children. You must be aware of this if you want to take money out of your pocket or finding yourself behind bars stealing years of your lifetime.

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