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White Widow Strain: Upbeat High and State Of Euphoria

January 8, 2021

What is White Widow

White Widow Strain is world-famous for about two decades now. The breed came from Green House Seeds, cross between the resin-heavy South Indian Indica and Brazilian Sativa landrace. It is potent hybrid strain cannabis, which you can find everywhere in the American marijuana industry. They are also available in coffee shops from Amsterdam. Because of its popularity, people used White Widow to create other potent strains. This includes the Blue Widow Strain, White Rhino, and Black Widow Strain. The Black Widow is considered the older sibling of White Widow with a dark deviation version.

White Widow strain is an upbeat high that gives you the energy to be sociable. It provides the motivation you need to do certain things. White Widow has developed a worldwide fanbase and chose this as their favorite. The reason behind this is the interesting flavor of White Widow. It has a note of peach, fruit, skunk, and spices. All these flavors from White Widow help you relax while feeling the sedation. Many would recommend it for morning use.

White Widow is being recognized as one of the well-known marijuana weed in the world after winning from different cannabis cup events. In its first release during the year 1995, White Widow won in the High Times Cannabis Cup competition. The cannabis has a genetic classification hybrid with less Indica dominance. In reality, the weed has a fine balance of 60 percent Indica and 40 percent Sativa profile.

They said that the White Widow strain dominates more of its Indica genetics. But it doesn't represent the typical characteristics of it when it comes to high effect. It will only make you lethargic and tired.

2. History of White Widow

White Widow strain is an original breed of Green House Seeds found in the Netherlands in the year 1990. It soon becomes a European favorite and develops to be part of every coffee shop's menu in Amsterdam, together with the other strains of its kind like the Purple Widow strain.

There is a clear explanation of why White Widow gives balanced energy to the person using it. It's because of its parents descending from heirloom breeds of South Indian Indica, Brazilian Sativa with South American heritage. Having these parents categorized as landrace strains, it's very obvious that White Widow has a high potent effect. This makes it a desirable strain with the hard-hitting results on therapeutic effect and strength.

The White Widow cannabis is also a legendary strain for its vast resin production. The THC level ranges from 20 to 25 THC percentage. When these THC levels all add up can produce a lively flower that gives out legal medicinal benefits. In other words, the White widow is close to perfect marijuana strain.
Characteristics of white widow

3. Characteristics of White Widow

To those who have experienced using White, Widow marijuana said that the aroma has skunky pungent. It has an exotic berry kind with hempy spices hint like that one you can taste from blueberry kush Autoflower. The aroma of White Widow is very dynamic that even stoners from 300 sq yards away can sense the presence of it. The popular Michael Phelps can also smell the White Widow strain underwater with 200 feet high if there is someone who uses or opens a jar.

If you plan to consume White Widow, this is not the strain you should experiment with. Make sure to practice preventative measures in using White Widow and keep the stinky scent by smoking outside, use air filters, and others. There are other batches of this strain that provide a spicy and fruity taste. When you have bitten into it, it is as if you're eating a ripe, juicy fruit like a peach with nutmeg or cinnamon spice.

When it comes to the appearance of White Widow, it's loaded with cool and bright crystals that gleamed whenever light hit it. Underneath the snow-covered blanketed layer of White Widow, you can see the green buds piled up together in towering colas. That's when it's ready to cut apart and trimmed down to be the best smoke in the world.

Also, the White Widow flower has a long and bright orange pistil in which hairs are curling throughout. It joined the lengthy colored green leaves with ombre color and appearance. That's what makes it even delightful. Many would agree that White Widow strain has an appealing and attractive look they can't find from other strains.

4. How to Grow White Widow

Grow white widow
They considered White Widow as a survivor strain. It's the best choice for individuals who have experience in growing cannabis. White Widow can grow against bugs, molds, and colder climates. When given with proper cultivation, you can grow White Widow with success without too much worry. This is even possible if basic conditions and care are being met.

The flowering time for White Widow is within eight weeks, but if you want to get the snowy and frosty capped, it can be grown for two more weeks. In any case that you would want to continue the flowering process from 8 weeks to 10 weeks, it is important to shorten the light cycle from 12 to 8 hrs. This is to ensure that there will be no drastic things that can happen to the two weeks extra time given to it. If you only follow the process, you can generate a lot of frosts and get the look or appearance you would want to see from the White Widow plant.

White Widow can grow for about two feet tall when cultivated indoors. But it can grow bigger and taller during outside production. Also, when you plan to grow White Widow indoors, it's possible for you to follow the Sea of Green method, together with the process you used in cultivation. Remember that White Widow can even flourish through the hydroponics system and other indoor techniques.

The typical indoor growth is from 20 to 24 ounces/meter squared. It's an average result when growing marijuana strains like White Widow. But if you're brave enough, you can take the challenge of cultivating White Widow outdoors. You have to make sure that the White Widow strain is in warm condition with 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit range. It needs direct sunlight too.

Although the strain is popular for being resistant to colder weather, you must not keep it in cold condition for too long. Your hard work will be put to waste if you let it happen. The harvest time is at the end of October. There will be changes if you choose the extended process of flowering for White Widow.

In general, it is easy to grow White Widow seeds. Even beginners can try experimenting with the cultivation process for one plant alone in the backyard first. If you will only treat it right and give the proper care to it, you will have decent-tasting White Widow cannabis as a result. It's not that hard to find white widow seeds for sale because it's available to most US states where it's legal to grow this White Widow plant.

In history, the seed of White Widow strain is popular to grow better indoors since it's proven to get hydroponic growth. Experts agree that growing it indoors is a better option because flowers can grow faster outdoors. For recommendation, you must keep the level of moisture of White Widow low. This is to prevent mildew from happening and to keep the fertilization level high. It can help the flavor develop and taste even better. The ideal temperature to follow is between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. White Widow plant grows faster with an inch per day after the germination process, so you have to take note of it as well if you wish to cultivate it.

5. Conclusion

The intention of growing and creating White Widow strain is to maximize the positive effects of its properties. It is to let the cannabis community know of the effect of Indica and Sativa strains, which are both present in White Widow plants. And it became successful.

White Widow can provide a full-body relaxation. It will not cause lockdown to the user. It's pleasant to smoke, and after using White Widow, you tend to be happy and more sociable. Some reported that they even become more creative.

The purpose of this White Widow strain review is not only for entertainment but to educate and inform too. This is one of the most popular Indicas today. If you are passionate about marijuana and its uses, White Widow is a must-try. Due to the increased demand, you can find high-quality White Widow strains to any top-shelf weed dispensary in the US like in California.

You can't underestimate the effect of this White Widow marijuana strain. Yes, it looks sweet and soft, but it gives you a powerful taste. White Widow punches right that it can even put you in Stoney trance. Though White Widow depends on the user's tolerance level, its growth, and consumption, it is much more than its appearance.

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