Why are Canadian Seed Suppliers more expensive than European Seed Banks?

Marijuana Canada

Marijuana or Cannabis is by far the most famously produced, consumed and seized illicit drug around the world. There is a strong believing among us people that marijuana seeds Canada are produced around the world. In many industrialized countries can be a strong trend towards semi-professional indoor cultivation detected. This trend and the greater increase of specialized shops offering marijuana seeds and highly capable equipment specifically for indoor cultivation have been a growing concern to the international community around the world.

The cultivation and consumption of marijuana is a global problem. Reports on seizures of marijuana seeds, plants and on the sources of marijuana products show that marijuana is not only consumed in all countries, it is all grown in most countries also.

Marijuana seeds are not regulated under the international drug control conventions and do have many legal purposes. However, a lot of countries have legal laws and provisions in place that help regulate the production, import, and trade of marijuana seeds, by allowing only the import of specially treated, unviable marijuana seeds.

The sale of seeds of potent marijuana strains has become a major business for a very long time. Marijuana growers specialized in finding and cross-breeding varieties from traditional countries commercialized the trade with cannabis seeds during the 1980s; the greatly improved technology had made it very possible to purchase marijuana seeds from around the world.

Marijuana seeds are sold on a company’s own website or via re-sellers. Resellers sold a large number of seeds from different brands.  Companies own seed banks which sell marijuana seeds only and into grow-show-type shops that sell marijuana seeds and equipment used for consumption and growth.

Marijuana seeds can be bought from everywhere in the world. In countries that you cannot buy marijuana seeds legally, postal and courier services are very helpful in obtaining marijuana seeds for illicit purposes. Marijuana seed companies use “stealth packaging” technique by placing seeds in air-tight packaging and sending them discreetly with standard mail envelopes. The marijuana seeds industry has a very large potential customer base – almost all people in the world who think of cultivating or already cultivating marijuana are all potential buyers.

The price of marijuana seeds and other marijuana products is a very interesting thing. Like most other crops, it is effectively a commodity, in which the wholesale price is depending on the laws of supply and demand. The more demand for marijuana is out there, the more the price will increase to match it, the abundant supply of marijuana, the lower the price will be on the market.

Canada’s legalization of marijuana helps the market explode. Grams, ounces, oils, and seeds are finally reaching to the adult public.

However, the vast majority of consumers who wanted to start growing their own marijuana for recreational use are having a slim chance to start cultivating. Licensed producers of marijuana in Canada were not able to provide seeds for all the potential growers, production did not meet the demand of public customers. Because the legalization products are only available through a legal channel and it made the marijuana seeds more expensive. Legalization of marijuana also limited the number of substance people can grow in their homes and will only be purchased through federally licensed retailers also drive up the prices in Canadian marijuana products.

Limiting the advertising of marijuana businesses also have factored in the prices of marijuana products.

Another factor for the price hike in Canadian marijuana products is supply. Canada is in definite danger of running out of marijuana seeds according to most distributors. A lot of people said that online, brick and mortar retailers are running out of marijuana product, which helps increase prices and put the Canadian market in danger.

The current legal restrictions on marijuana seeds have also made it hard for legal marijuana companies to obtain them. The post-legalization demand for new marijuana seeds has gained the attention of marijuana seed breeders from other countries. Some seed producer from other country had come all the way from different parts of the world just to promote their brand to Canada’s legal marijuana industry.

On the other hand, European seed banks sold their products cheaper than those of Canadian seed banks. Some European countries legalize marijuana a long time ago, some countries even make its own marijuana laws that you wouldn’t have to contend with much resistance with the government. In some European countries like the Netherlands, it’s almost legal to grow cannabis on a large scale.

In most European countries, seeds are legal. Even in some countries where there are laws against marijuana seeds, they are still easily available due to the Schengen Agreement.

A lot of European growers work from feminized seeds, which saves them the difficulty of maintaining a vegetative chamber.  A large part of marijuana product in Europe comes from feminized seeds.

Despite these little differences, European and Canadian growers have quite a lot in common. In the end, they’re just dealing with the same kind of plant and similar difficulties.

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