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Why At Least CBD Should Be Legal Everywhere

October 23, 2019

The hemp plant has been around since the beginning of time. And long before laws and regulations limited our access to it, it was freely and widely used for its various benefits by a number of ancient cultures across the entire globe, from Egypt and Persia, all the way to China.

The cannabis plant always seemed to have a special place in the worlds of medicine and culture, from resorting to it as a natural remedy in the treatment of several physical ailments to recreational use and as a channel of artistic and philosophical inspiration, as well as being part of numerous spiritual rituals and traditions. 


Nowadays, however, the world seems to be pushing towards rediscovering the myriad of secrets the marijuana plant holds. With efforts towards legalization successfully paving the way for a better understanding of this herb in some countries, others still struggle with the mere thought of making it available to the masses.

While the stigma surrounding the recreational use of THC – the psychoactive chemical naturally occurring in marijuana – continues to take center stage across many societies today, public opinions appear to be more accepting of Cannabidiol, THC’s non-psychoactive counterpart, for its proven and potential health benefits


Below are five of the most important reasons why we believe that – at least – CBD should be made legal everywhere. 

  • It Can Help People Deal with Pain

Thanks to its useful characteristics that help relieve both acute and chronic forms of pain, Cannabidiol is a natural, safe, side-effect-free alternative to over-the-counter painkillers produced by pharmaceutical companies. Many people now choose to purchase full-spectrum water-soluble CBD oil from Buy It CBD and other USDA certified suppliers to enjoy these benefits. In addition to its ease of use, enjoyment, and availability in many forms, Cannabidiol also offers the added bonus of promoting better sleep, helping those with chronic pain get enough rest for their treatments to work more effectively. 

  • It Is Used to Manage Inflammation and Stiffness  

Another use that Cannabidiol is famous for is the treatment of inflammation and stiffness. This function helped it gain a lot of popularity in recent years as a medical alternative to treat many cases of arthritis. 

Additionally, and because inflammation is also common among people who do sports – whether for fitness reasons or as professional athletes – CBD has become an important part of an athlete’s well-being routine. It essentially helps them speed up muscle tissue recovery and reduce inflammation, proving to be more efficient than the previously popular fish oil and turmeric remedies. 

  • It Aids in Countering Anxiety and Other Relevant Conditions   

Anxiety is extremely common in today’s world, with sufferers of all genders, ages, and backgrounds seeking safe treatments that won’t force them to worry about the infamous side effects of psychiatric medications.

For years, Cannabidiol has been proven effective in various cases of general anxiety disorder; social anxiety disorder; panic disorder; post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); and obsessive-compulsive disorder, among many others. It has been helping people get over their stress and worries, calm their nerves, and perform better in their day-to-day activities. 

  • It Can Be Used to Reduce Smoking and Drug Withdrawal Symptoms  

While thousands of people attempting to quit smoking to no avail each year, several studies have reported the effectiveness of CBD in helping people smokeless cigarettes, and experience lower rates of nicotine cravings altogether. 

On the other hand, other studies have shown that Cannabidiol plays a positive role throughout the course of treating opioid addictions, for it helps relieve the withdrawal symptoms accompanying drug detox – such as anxiety, mood swings, pain and insomnia – which generally make the process much more challenging, and increase the chances of relapse.

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  • Legalization Will Open Doors to New Scientific Revelations   

Legalizing CBD in more countries will mean more support for Cannabidiol research – both in terms of money and resources – allowing for further studies to take place in a more diverse manner.

This will significantly raise the possibilities of collaboration between scientists from different nations, geographic locations, and cultural backgrounds, enriching the research environment and providing better chances of unlocking the chemical mysteries of CBD, and the marijuana plant as a whole. 

While the full picture on what CBD can do for humanity is yet to be clear, current research efforts – albeit limited to countries with less legal limitations – are working towards uncovering the rest of the potential benefits of Cannabidiol.

Studies are underway, with promising observations already in terms of treating an additional number of health conditions, from various skin and hair issues, to matters as serious and potentially life-threatening as depression and diabetes.


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